Does anyone blog anymore? Does anyone read blogs anymore? I searched through Zombies and Cream looking for a post on the other Robin Becker for an essay I'm writing about our name. And I felt inspired to pick it back up!

Lots of stuff has happened since 2013, the last time I blogged: I got divorced, took a job as a professor at Minnesota State University, and moved to Mankato, Minnesota.

My second novel MINDKILLER has morphed into LILITH, a Southern Gothic ghost story, and still isn't published. But it's closer!

What's new with you? 

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February 17, 2017 at 12:38 PM

Hey, welcome back! You're still in my RSS feed, and this post popped up while I was killing time at work. Good luck with Lilith.

I also recently fired up my blog after years of living a blog-free life. And, no, I don't think anybody blogs anymore. I hear newsletters are all the rage these days.

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