Arkansas Literary Fest? Yes!

This weekend is the Arkansas Literary Fest. When I saw this photo in the newspaper, I about milked my cow. And I don't even have a cow. Or drink milk. There's Kevin Brockmeier, David Sedaris, Charlaine Harris--and Mark and me! Meep!

If you're in the Little Rock area, come on out and say hi. I'll be reading Saturday night at the Publish or Perish event--it's at Big Whiskey's American Bar & Grill at 8. And then Sunday, I'm on a panel at 3 at the Ottenheimer Theatre, if I'm not too hungover. But wait, Mark's reading at the same time at the Historic Arkansas Museum! What to do! You could clone yourself. That's a start. Or split yourself in two.

Here's the full schedule of panels. If you can't make it to see Mark or me, support the literary arts in central Arkansas by going to one of the other events or panels. It's just plain old good family fun.
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April 7, 2011 at 4:00 PM

I can't make the Saturday event because of Sasha's b-day party. But Ben and I intend to split our support (since our clones are only three years old). I'll be at yours; he'll be at Mark's!

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