Donald Harington

Arkansas lost a great writer earlier this month. Donald Harington died.

I'd never heard of him until I moved down here almost three years ago. Since then I'm continually amazed by his work. Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks. The Cockroaches of Stay More. With.

Harington was America's best-kept secret, the greatest under-read and under-reviewed magical realist we had. He was funny, imaginative, clever; his fictional town of Stay More was both small and big. Small because he used the same characters and po-dunk village in the Ozarks. Big because of his vision, his understanding of the human condition, and his incredible imagination.

In Harington's books, animals talk, people have telepathy, and one guy lives in a tree house. I'd love to write like him one day. I know it takes practice and wisdom. Time and hard work. He will be missed.
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