Potato Chips: Crispy Windows to the Soul

Yes, this post is about potato chips, but also so much more. Let's say it's about potato chips as metaphor. How potato chips reveal who you are--economically, spiritually, politically.

Sounds ridiculous when I type it, but I went to college in the early 90s. Semiotics and deconstruction were all the rage. I wasn't taught to enjoy a good book. I was taught to rip it apart for underlying sexism, racism, and imperialism!

But I had a personal revelation at Krogers. Yesterday I bought potato chips. I feel compelled to assert here that I don't usually buy potato chips. We have guests coming, a family with a kid, and I thought they would enjoy potato chips. The fact that I felt compelled to clarify that I'm not the kind of person who regularly buys chips reveals something itself.

So anyway, I put the fancy Cape Cod cracked black pepper and sea salt chips in my basket. Because that's what hipster-foodies-"smart folks" who are against the corporate system eat, right? I mean, if they must eat chips.

And then I realized--I don't like them. They're too thick. Darn it, I like Lays' Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips! They are an undemanding chip. Their dust is delicious. They are thin and crispy. And I will not feel guilty for my tastes any longer.

Bring on the corporate chips! Embrace who you are! Next thing you know, I'll be eating Kraft Mac-N-Cheese.

Who's with me?
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2 Response to Potato Chips: Crispy Windows to the Soul

June 26, 2011 at 8:51 AM

I remember once you had a Pre-Monster Truck Rally Party and you served themed foods, like circus peanuts, and everyone thought they were gross but me.

So, I am saying, I can generally relate to the love of terrible food like substances. However, lately whenever I sneak some blue-collar food into my cart, I'm really disappointed. I'm not sure if the food is getting lower quality or my tastes are getting snobbier. I really think it's the companies making the lousy "food" even less like food.

ALL that being said, please don't judge me when I say that my honest, FAVORITE chips of all time are actually those yuppie black pepper chips. My second favorite is probably Fritos, so there you are. I like a thick chip.

June 26, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Next time you should buy some beef jerky to go with it. Just go full-out redneck. It's liberating!

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